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Co-founders with more than two decades of hands-on experience in the world’s greatest duty-free market have joined together to create a new level of "brand agent service" in Korea and Japan


You Don't Need Us

a. If you always get the prompt replies from duty-free operators in Korea

b. If you don't have your brand or products

c. If you don't want to know about your customer & retailer

d. If you don't want to be in the travel retail market, at all

Otherwise, just drop us an e-mail to :

The Wall of Ideas

Your hand-holding guide to duty-free market

We are here for you~!!

Ahn & Chang is your best partner to present your brand and products to the world biggest duty-free market. We provide the full cycle of dedicated duty-free agent service from expanding the retail channel through the  product strategy and sales staff management. Ahn &Chang is the hand-holding company to guide you through the each step of the burgeoning travel retail industry.

Team Meeting
Looking over the campaign
Analyzing the data

Offer agent

Presenting your brand and products at the duty-free shop

Do you want to on-board your product to the most exciting duty-free shops? We provide the proven expertise and network with prominent duty-free operators.

Brand matching

long-term growth in the hottest market with extensive retail networks

We conduct the negotiates with the retailers for your best possible deal condition. Training the sales staff, monitoring the stock, outlet construction are also parts of our service cycle.

Market insight

Duty-free market intelligence service deep-down in Korea

Duty-free and retail channel insight is our specialty. You are welcome to use our innovative communication channel with the successful retailers and key people in industry.


We are Faster

Open Source Agent for You!

Brand Channel has the value system of Open Source, Flexible, and O2O. Our structured services deliver you the completely hassle-free solutions. You are most welcome to check with us the new business growth.

We want to be the action-based agent.

비즈니스 미팅

Open Source

Our minimum contract term is a 2 month unit. You can try out first, up to your specific unit requirements!


We make sure that you get what you want, with always creative solutions!


Just tell us digitally, then we take care of face to face business to produce the best options for you!



Your doorstep to duty-free market is just one step away with full cycle of readily available service

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Ahn & Chang은 Incheon International 회사입니다. 

Ahn & Chang is an Incheon International company